February 4, 2018:


Matt has successfully completed the Australian Open Grand Slam Tennis tournament in Melbourne. Upcoming photo assignments include the Ski Cross Worldcup events in Sunny Valley, Russia, at the end of February. Until then, Matt will do some work for his native WT1 TV station and produce a series of commercials and corporates for local clients.

January 12, 2018:


Matt is off to the first Tennis Grand Slam tournament of 2018, the Australian Open in Melbourne. He will be busy in Down Under for the rest of January  covering on and off court action, as usal.

December 23, 2017:


Finally Christmas....and finally another busy year is about to come to an end! Matt has wrapped and finished all remaining projects of 2017 and is now looking forward to a quiet Christmas holiday. He will be back in action on January 5 covering the "Jänner Rallye 2018" racing event close to his hometown, immediately followed by the Australien Open Grand Slam Tennis tournament in Melbourne, Australia.

Matt would like to thank all clients, collaborators and colleagues for a fantastic year 2017 and is looking forward to new challenges in 2018! 


Merry Christmas to all of you out there! Take a little time for yourselves, and see you again in 2018!


All the best,



December 4, 2017:


Winter is kicking in, and so is the Ski Cross Worldcup tour. Matt will be on to the first set of races in Val Thorens, France, this week. After that, local film projects in an around Matt's hometown will keep him busy for the rest of the year. 

October 23, 2017:


Matt is taking a break from major sports photography to focus on a variety of film projects: 3 more "SCW Battleship" episodes are in the can and ready to go public. The same is true for a series of TV commercials for fashion and shoe outfitters "GANGart" and "Selendi", which will begin to air on WT1 TV starting today. To watch the clips on your own, please click here.

Also, Matt's company Psy Pictures is entering Post Production on a corporate for "Messe Wels" which was shot last week at the Caravan Expo in his hometown, Wels. And finally, a few other interesting projects are about to materialize - we will keep you posted about those very soon.

October 13, 2017:


Matt is currently busy covering the Upper Austria Ladies WTA Tennis tournament in Linz, Austria. Like in previous years Matt is assigned as tournament photographer at this event, providing images on and off court exclusively. 

September 18, 2017:


Matt has wrapped the Tennis Davis Cup event at his hometown, Wels, and is currently charging his batteries to get back into shape for the Laver Cup in Prague, Czech Republic, this upcoming week-end. This new Tennis format will pose a series of challenges for Matt both creatively as well as logistically. 

Once back from Prague, Matt will take up some filmwork before returning to the world of Tennis again at the Upper Austria Ladies Linz in October.

September 3, 2017:


Matt is currently off to New York City for the US Open Grand Slam tennis tournament. Film projects are on hold until his return home later this month.

August 14, 2017:


It has been a busy summer for Matt and his company so far. Numerous film projects have seen the light of day lately, including music videos for Playoke Dance as well as commercials for Hippmann Dance School and the Tourism Board of the city of Wels. The latter clip under the title of "Ö3/Red Bull Konzertspektakel" aims to bring a big series of concerts to Matt's hometown....and can be viewed here. Matt is currently prepping another "Konzertspektakel" commercial for "Messe Wels" - the potential location of the concert in September.

July 3, 2017:


The weeks after the French Open have been very busy for Matt and his company. Three more "Shopping Battleship" episodes are in the can as well as Tanzwerk's annual Showdown Intro Clip "Tanzwerk Family". Right now, Matt is prepping another project in close collaboration with Tanzwerk: three more "Playoke Dance" clips are due for production. The locations have been locked - principal photography will get underway later this week at a variety of locations in the city of Linz, Austria. 

May 25, 2017:


Matt is off to cover the French Open Tennis Grand Slam tournament in Paris, France. It is his 10th year at Roland Garros, and this year promises to become a true thriller due to the sheer amount of possible Champions to take the Paris crown, including Austria's top player Dominic Thiem. Matt will be back home on June 12 and immediately take on a variety of film projects including another "SCW Shopping Battleship" episode as well as the official Intro movie for "Tanzwerk" showteam's Showdown event. 

April 24, 2017:


Various versions of commercias for renowned outfitter "Casa Moda"  are out now. The clips will show in stores as well as on the companie's website and social media platforms. To view the 60 second version, please click here.

April 13, 2017:


Matt has spent the last 8 weeks travelling the globe for international sports events, including the Ski Cross World Cup circuit and the Tennis Davis Cup event in Minsk, Belarus, as a photographer. But sports photography is now on hold since Matt is busy on a variety of film projects in and around his hometown, including another season of the SCW commercials as well as a series of high gloss commercials for renowned outfitter Casa Moda. The latter is currently in the midst of principal photography with a release date scheduled for the week after Easter holiday.

March 7, 2017:


Matt is back from Canada. His return marks the end of another long Ski Cross Worldcup season. Photo work will pause now since Matt is assigned to produce a series of commercials at his hometown. He will be back on the sports photography stage in early April at the Tennis Davis Cup in Minsk, Belarus.

February 21, 2017:


The Ski Cross Worldcup tour keeps Matt up and running at full speed. Right now, he is off to Chelyabinsk, Russia, immediately followed by the big season final at Blue Mountain, Canada, next week. Once this is done, Matt will get back to local filmwork.

February 3, 2017:


Matt is about to seal a longterm deal with renowned department store SCW in his hometown, Wels. The claim is to produce a series of clips for Internet and TV promoting the store's "Shopping Battleship", where customers are invited to participate at a variety of shopping challenges - with the winner taking it all at the end of the contest. The Intro Spot is alreay in the can, and over the course of the rest of the year the Shopping Battleship will continue on a monthly basis.

January 11, 2017:


Matt is off to the Australian Open Tennis Grand Slam tournament in Melbourne, Australia. It is his 9th year at the Open and will keep him busy until January 27. Due to this intense photo assignment Matt's filmwork is currently on hold, of course, but projects for February and March are already in the pipeline.

December 22, 2016:


2016 was a very busy.....and successful year for Matt and his company. On the film side, two full length documentaries saw the light of the silver screen: "D3" about Artist Mario Dalpra, which had been entirely shot on the Island of Bali, Indonesia, and "Uns ist kein Berg zu hoch" telling the story of the pioneers and builders of renowned Sports retailer "Intersport". Locally, Matt was hired for a variety of Music Videos and Commercials for clients such as Tanzwerk, Bacada, Linz AG, Hänsel & Gretel and Toni Shirt's Kart Team. On most of these productions Matt's company did also provide Post Production services, confirming "Psy Pictures" as a brand for top quality entertainment.

2016 also saw an increasing collaborative working relationship with local TV station "WT1". Matt lit an shot almost all of their "Out of Studio" Mods in and around his hometown as well as many other broadcast stories. Matt feels privileged to call the people at WT1 his friends now and is looking forward to continue what he calls "a delightful and collaborative effort with an extraordinary bunch of people." Furthermore, Matt is also more than pleased to be able to count on a number of other loyal customers, such as Hippmann Dance School and the people at Tanzwerk as well as Extreme Sports Production Company "MotionManager". These ongoing professional relationships mean a lot to him both as a filmmaker as well as an enthusiastic person, who enjoys being surrounded by "people who live their dreams.....and do it in the most inspiring way."

And, of course, Matt feels humble and happy to have been hired by a variety of new customers such as Hänsel & Gretel, SPS Marketing and Erfolgskinder Marketing. A big "Thank You" for trusting in his skills and creative vision!


On the photo side, Matt continued to travel the Tennis and Ski Cross tour for renowned photo agency GEPA all around the globe. As it seems, this won't change in 2017, which Matt is truly happy about....and proud of. By the way: 2017 will mark Matt's 10th year of delivering top quality sports photos for GEPA......

Speaking of 2017: what will this new year bring along for Matt and his company? Well, as time goes by we will see! For now, Matt has got the Australian Open Tennis Grand Slam tournament as well as the Ski Cross events in Idre, Sweden, Sunny Vallye, Russia and Blue Mountain, Canada, on his agenda in January and February. His work for WT1 TV is meant to continue just as it did in 2016.....and apart from that, the road to 2017 is wide open.....and will continue to take Matt on a variety of exciting, creative journeys all around the world. Of course, we will keep you posted at all times and are looking forward to share Matt's journey with you on this website.

So, finally, Matt would like to thank all clients, collaborators and visitors of this website for their trust and interest.....and a great year full of great challenges and outstanding productions. Merry Christmas to all of you out there! Wherever you are and wherever you go to spend the best time of the year: have safe journeys, and take a little time for yourselves! And, last but not least: see you again in 2017!

December 5, 2016:


Matt is pretty much done with his filmwork for this year leaving time for photo jobs on the Audi FIS Ski Cross Worldcup Tour, starting with the races in Val Thorens, France, this week. From the present viewpoint Matt will cover a total of five Ski Cross events during the 2016/17 season including Innichen (Italy), Idre (Sweden), Sunny Vallye (Russia) and Blue Mountain (Canada).

November 20, 2016:


"D3", the documentary feature about Austrian Artist Mario Dalpra and his life and work on the Island of Bali, Indonesia, is now available for online streaming. Earlier this year the film hit cinema screens nationwide followed by releases on DVD and Blu Ray. And now audiences around the globe are given the opportunity to watch Matt's sensual film on their desktops at any time. To watch the film right away, please click here.

November 14, 2016:


The music video "C'est la Vie" for Vienna based band Bacada is now online and ready for viewing. To watch the clip please click here. Furthermore, Matt and his company are putting finishing touches to "Kart Grand Prix", an action laden corporate. The film is due for release within the next few days.

November 6, 2016:


It's a wrap! Principal photography of Bacada's "C'est la Vie" has successfully been completed this week-end. The music video is now going into Post Production at Psy Pictures Images & Sound and is due for release around mid November. Apart from that Matt and his company are currently putting finishing touches to the corporate "Kart Grand Prix", which is also scheduled for release by mid November.

October 19, 2016:


The world premiere of "Uns ist kein Berg zu hoch", the documentary for renowned sports retailer INTERSPORT, has been a huge success. On the evening of October 18, 2016, hundreds of invited guests as well as regular moviegoers participated at the very first public screening of the film at "Das Kino" in the city of Salzburg. The film will show next at Matt's hometown Wels on November 3 at Stadttheater Greif. For tickets please get back to Matt directly via e-mail. Looking forward to seeing you there!

October 5, 2016:


Matt is currently off to another traditional Tennis event, the Generali Ladies WTA tournament in Linz, Austria. Matt's been covering the Ladies since 2007 - serving as tournament photographer throughout the years. As usual, the Generali Ladies will conclude Matt's tennis season for the year. 

August 26, 2016:


Matt is off to another assignment at the US Open Grand Slam Tennis tournament in New York. 2016 marks his seventh year at the biggest Tennis tournament in the world - and one of his favourites, too. He will be back home on September 12 jumping into a variety of film projects right after hopping from the plane.

June 16, 2016:


Same procedure as every year: Matt has just finished production of the annual Intro Film for  "Tanzwerk" showdance group's  big Showdown event. As usual, the film will open the show and set the mood for the evening, which will get underway on June 25 at Rotax Hall, Wels. Apart from that Matt keeps shooting a series of commercials for LINZ AG and is in preperation for a corporate for renowned Wedding and Gala outfitter "Hänsel & Gretel", which is due for principal photography mid July. Given all these film productions it is quite logic that Matt's photo work is on hold right now. His next gig in the photo realm will be the Davis Cup event in Kiew, Ukraine, in July.

May 19, 2016:


Matt is off to Paris, France,  to once again cover the French Open Tennis Grand Slam tournament for GEPA pictures. It is his 9th year at that particular tournament, which will keep him busy until June 4.

May 14, 2016:


The commercials for "Linz AG" are in the can, and so is the commercial for me2 Model Management agency. For the next 3 weeks, filmwork will come to a pause due to Matt's photo commitment at the French Open Grand Slam Tennis tournament in Paris, which will get underway next week. 


However, there is some important film news: the opening night of "D3", the documentary about Austrian artist Mario Dalpra's life and work in Indonesia, is in the pipeline. The film will be screened in a double session on Friday, June 10, at Village Cinemas Wien Mitte, Vienna, at 8 pm and 9:30 pm respectively. Let us know if you want to come along - there are still a few sets free to be taken.

April 11, 2016:


Work keeps rushing in. The next 6 weeks will keep Matt busy all around the clock. Right now, he is prepping a commercial for renowned Wedding and Gala dress outfitter "Hänsel & Gretel" as well as a series of commercials for "Linz AG". Also, a commercial for dog food manufacturer "Meijolo" is in the pipeline and due for principal photography in either April or May. To keep things even more busy Matt has just finished another corporate for Hippmann dance school and Post Production on the documentary "D3" which is due for cinema release in June.

March 15, 2016:


Matt is currently off to the "X Over Ride" freeride contest at Kitzsteinhorn, Austria. He is hired as one of four cameramen to deliver cutting edge imagery for MotionManager Film Production - just like he did in previous years. 

March 1, 2016:


Matt is currently off to Guimaraes, Portugal, for another Davis Cup adventure together with the Austrian team. 2016 marks Matt's 9th year as the team's official photographer. This time, team Austria faces the task to find its way back to the world group play off this upcoming September. So victory is a must! We will keep you posted...

January 4, 2016:


Happy New Year to all visitors of this website! Matt has spent a quiet and relaxing Christmas holiday at home recharging his batteries for upcoming film and photo projects. At the end of this week Matt will start shooting an elaborate documentary project for INTERSPORT Austria on locations in Kitzbühel and Sölden, Austria. More locations will follow in February. The documentary tells the story of the pioneers of INTERSPORT, the early days in the sports retail business - and will also provide a close view on the future of Austria's biggest sports retailer. On the photo side, Matt will be off to the Australian Open Grand Slam Tennis tournament in Melbourne once more soon after returning from the INTERSPORT shoot. So, as you can see, the new year starts off as busy as 2015 ended.....

November 21, 2015:

It's a wrap! Matt has returned from Indonesia, where he had spent the previous 2 weeks shooting the documentary "D3". Matt and his team are pleased with the acquired material and look back on a harmonious shoot in and around the area of Ubud on the Island of Bali.

Right now, Matt and his company "Psy Pictures" are prepping the film's complex Post Production process, including the acquisition of a new editing software as well as providing a "facelift" to the studio's hardware infrastructure to accomodate the ambitious technical demands of the film, which is due to hit screens in Spring 2016.

November 11, 2015:

Matt is sending his greetings from Ubud, Bali Island, Indonesia. Principal photography of "D3" is going well. Despite occasional torrential rain the weather is holding up fine and things are going according to plan. The first five days are in the can......9 more are following. Apart from the stunning scenery Matt is particularly thrilled by the Indonesian people, whom he describes as "the most friendly and hard working crowd I have ever encountered..." 

November 2, 2015:


So it is time to board another airplane. Matt is now off to Bali, Indonesia, for another filmic adventure with Austrian artist Mario Dalpra. Whenever technology allows for it, Matt will keep you posted on how things are going down there in the heat. In any case Matt will be back on November 20 and immediately enter post production upon arrival.

October 20, 2015:


Matt is happy to announce another interesting film project: a documentary about Austrian artist Mario Dalpra. "D3" marks the third collaboration between Matt and the artist,  following "Dalpra Lounge" (2008) and "City of Dalpra" (2011). The film will be shot over a 15 day period in November in and around Bali, Indonesia. More info about this exciting project will follow soon!  

October 9, 2015:

Matt is back on the WTA tennis tour covering his 8th Generali Ladies as official tournament photographer. To make things even more interesting, this year marks the tournament's 25th anniversary. So apart from on Court action Matt will put all his energy into a series of exclusive off court shootings with top players including Caroline Wozniacki and Lucie Safarova.  

September 10:


Matt is done in New York and on his way back home. On this upcoming weekend he will be busy photographing the wedding day of Austrian tennis player Andreas Haider-Maurer in Innsbruck, Austria, followed by a series of local sports events around his hometown the week after. Apart from his photo jobs Matt has a number of film projects in the pipeline including a documentary for Intersport Austria as well as a commercial for a Linz based Startup. Details about these projects will go online soon.

September 7, 2015:


For all of you who missed the broadcast of "Skydancers" yesterday on ServusTV please click on the following link to watch the film online. Be aware that online availability of the film is limited to just a few days, so buckle up as soon as you can!


And here is the link: http://www.servustv.com/at/Medien/Skydancers-Koeniginnen-der-Luefte

August 28, 2015:

New York calling! Matt is off to Flushing Meadows for another year at the US Open Tennis Grand Slam tournament. 

July 28, 2015:


The WTA tournament in Gastein was again worth the trip. Matt has spent a great week working with some of the tour's top players including Sam Stosur, Sara Errani and Karin Knapp. As to sports photography, things are a bit more calm now. On the film side, Matt is currently busy on Post Production on a variety of commercials and music videos. All those gigs will go public soon.

July 23, 2015:


Matt's world is currently made up with mountain-side Tennis courts. Following his assignment at the Davis Cup in Kitzbühel last week he is now covering the WTA tournament in Gastein. Matt has been with that event as tournament photographer for seven years, taking the opportunity to work closely with top stars of the WTA tour. Seeded players this year include Sara Errani, Samantha Stosur and  Julia Görges.

June 26, 2015:

Matt couldn't be busier at the moment: he is shooting a mountain bike action trailer for MotionManager, prepping a music video for the "Freeman Comminuty" as well as a series of commercials for the Tourism Board of his hometown. Other commercials and music videos are currently in the pipeline but not due for principal photography before August. Photography-wise, Matt stays local at the moment since travelling abroad would jeopardize his film work mentioned above.

June 9, 2015:

Back from the French Open in Paris Matt is currently spending his time on set with showdance group "Tanzwerk". This year's intro film for the group's annual "end of the season" show on June 27 marks the fifth year of this nice tradition bringing together more than 200 dancers on set. The plan is to finish Post Production by the end of this week.

May 24, 2015:

Matt ist currently busy covering his 8th French Open Grand Slam tournament in Paris, France. After having spent the last few pre-tournament days producing Off Court photos and training footage he is now fully immersed into the tournament action which will keep Matt busy until the big days of the Finals on June 7.

May 2, 2015:

Prep for the music video "Man glaubt es nicht" is going good. Shooting will take place at a variety of locations including the city of Wels as well as spots around the Upper Austria region. Apart from that the date for another shooting day for Tanzschule Hippmann's "Time of Your Life" is set: May 9 at a club location in Wels. For Marketing reasons concerning the German market those additional scenes will be included in the existing clip and ready for public viewing by the end of May. 

As far as photography is concerned, Matt will return to the international Tennis scene on May 21 covering his eight French Open at Roland Garros, Paris, in a row.

April 23, 2015:

The month of May will keep Matt busy all the way. First, he will be directing and shooting another music video for the "Freeman Austria" community - the third project with Freeman Joe Kreissl following previous collaborations on "Nicht zu fassen" and "Welcome to Freedom".  Second, Matt is prepping another promo clip for Tanzwerk's annual showdown. And last but not least Matt will be off covering the French Open Grand Slam Tennis tournament as a photographer in Paris starting on May 21. 

March 29, 2015:

The first three months of the year have been very busy for Matt leaving virtually no down time at home whatsoever due to international assignments all over the place on 2 continents. Right now Matt is regrouping his energies at home prepping film and photo projects for the near future, including further work on the "Daniel Ecklbauer" biopic, additional photography on Hippmann Dancing School's "Time of my Life" and the French Open in Paris in May.

February 18, 2015:

And another festival for "Skydancers". The award winning documentary, on which Matt served as cinematographer, will next enter Palm Beach International Film Festival in March this year.

February 15, 2015:

Just a quick reminder that the documentary "Tour der Wolfshunde" will air on Tuesday, February 17, at 8:15 pm on ServusTV. Matt was one of three cameramen capturing the story of professional musher Martin Eigentler crossing the alps with his Huskies in April 2014.  It is a story about courage and friendship between man and animal in a dangerous environment.

February 10, 2015:

The trailer "Time of my Life" for Hippmann dance school is now online. Click here to watch the clip.

December 19, 2014:

The documentary "Tour der Wolfshunde" will be broadcast on February 17, 2015, at 8:15 pm on Servus TV. Matt was one of three cameramen capturing the story of professional musher Martin Eigentler crossing the alps with his Huskies earlier this year.  As much as this film turned out to be a tough challenge for everyone involved we are proud to present the finished film soon. 

To view the official trailer please click here.

November 11, 2014:

More good news for the entire crew of "Skydancers": the film has been awarded 3rd place in the category of "Best Feature Documentary" at the All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival 2014. This award marks the fifth price for the film within 3 weeks.

Further screenings and broadcast distribution are currently in the pipeline. We will keep you posted. 

October 27, 2014:


"Skydancers" will hit screens next at the All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival on November 9 at 11:30 am, followed by a Q&A with director Fredric Lean and some of the pilots portrayed in the film.


For tickets and access passes please visit the festival's website at www.allsportslafilmfest.com

October 21, 2014:


Matt's work on "Skydancers" has been awarded "Best Cinematography" at the Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival. Director Fredric Lean earned "Best Directing" and "Best Concept". To make things even better, the film has been awarded the price for "Best Documentary".


"Skydancers" was shot in October 2013 at various locations in Texas, USA, and tells the story of women in the world of aerobatics. Currently, the film continues its festival path. However, the next step will be to make it available to broadcast distribution worldwide.


We will keep you posted on broadcast dates soon. For now, check out Matt's radio interview on "Radio Oberösterreich" and the article published at "Bezirksrundschau".