a review of 2008 - and a first look into the future







2008 was a good year. Foremost, it was a year of travel. In February, I joined the Austrian Tennis ladies to the Fed Cup in Buenos Aires, immediately followed by principal photography of "Dalpra Lounge" in India. I visited the end of the world in New Caledonia in April, shot a music video in Germany in May, photographed world class tennis players at the French Open in Paris over the summer, followed by the Davis Cup in Wimbledon in September. The times I did not spend on airplanes I spent in my car driving all around Austria for a variety of other events and jobs.

The year 2008 also marked my increasing specialisation in Tennis. Apart from the Fed Cup, the Davis Cup and the French Open I was the official tournament photographer at the S Tennis Masters in Graz, the Generali Ladies in Linz and the Tennis Trophy in St.Anton. My tennis work allowed me to work closely with world class players and to establish contacts which I am planning to intensify and cultivate in the future in order to deliver better, stronger and more intimate photo coverage. My plan for 2009 is to have 6 to 7 tournaments on the calendar, spread evenly across the year in order to keep the vibe fresh with the ATP and WTA tour. This undertaking is about to commence very soon since I am already assigned to cover the Australian Open in Melbourne in January for national and international media.

Apart from tennis courts all over the world I spent a lot of my professional time with sports events of all sorts, too. At this point I would like to thank GEPA pictures for providing me with jobs on a regular basis and giving me the opportunity to meet a sensationally huge amount of athletes and sports officials - both nationally and internationally. I enjoy working with sports people a lot, and I am looking forward to another year of non stop action all over the place.

Apart from sports photography I was also able to pull off jobs in the areas of tourism, portrait and fashion. Several weeks ago, for example, I photographed the new collection of Austria's biggest wedding dress outfitter "Hansel & Gretel". Work in tourism included jobs for the Katschberg Mountain region and the City Marketing of my hometown Wels.

Another photo highlight of the year marked my "Paris" exhibition in Vienna. Again, I would like to thank Christine Ernst for her support and for pulling off this event. I am glad that one third of my pictures were sold - a fact which made the exhibition a success both artistically and commercially.









As to my film work in 2008, the documentary "Dalpra Lounge" was the definite highlight of the year. The film was shown at a variety of official screenings including locations such as the Schikaneder cinema in Vienna. Right now, the film is on its journey to television broadcast. At this point I would like to thank Mario Dalpra for getting me the job. Many thanks also to Heinz Blasnik, who was invaluable in creating the film's soundtrack.

My work with Munich based rockband "Sorgente" got me into music videos again. Also, principal photography on "Industry" - another music video - got underway this year and will continue until mid 2009.




So what is 2009 going to be like? From the present viewpoint, I am already busy until April. Photo highlights in the first quarter of the year will surely be the Australian Open in Melbourne, which will send me on a three week adventure under Australian sun beginning on January 13, immediately followed by my new photo exhibition at renowned art gallery Nöfa in my hometown Wels. That exhibition will be the biggest and longest of mine so far - there will be 61 pictures on display over a period of eight weeks.

Apart from that, I will continue my collaboration with GEPA pictures, which will bring me to sports events all over the place starting with the IQ January Rallye in the North of Austria on January 3.

As far as moving images are concerned, I am currently in talks for a music video and a commercial scheduled to materialise between February and April in and around the city of Vienna. Also, plans for a follow up film to "Dalpra Lounge" are currently being discussed.



Anyway, the biggest challenge of mine in 2009 will be fatherhood, which is going to happen in March. But this will not keep me from updating my website with information, images and production diaries on a regular basis. Also, the "photo of the week" will remain to be a weekly must-see. At this point, I would like to thank all of you who have been visiting my website so far. Thank you for your interest in me and my work. I hope you will stick around in 2009 as well.

Just like me, my website is now taking a break for Christmas Holiday but will be back on January 5 with news from my world.

Merry Christmas to all of you out there! Take a little time for yourself, and have a healthy and successful 2009!


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